Aubolex originated from Switzerland--the kingdom of world famous watches. It is the best numen for top watches and precious jewelry to show luxury and glamour. As one of the most important items collected by European royal gentry, Aubolex’s value is far more than a simple watch winder. Its outstanding techniques acclaim as the peak of perfection, which facilitates its hot sales throughout the world.

In 1992, Michael • Arider established Arider - Watch Company in Biel, Switzerland and thus a world known watch brand Aubolex was born.

Aubolex’s design technique was so unique and attractive that it had been well received among European aristocrats. Quite a few earls favored it a lot, and even some of Aubolex watches were placed at conspicuous position of royal palace for aristocrats’ appreciation and appraisal. They have become another benchmark to measure the value of famous watch collection.

The royalty attaches important to the lineage while aristocrats follow tradition. Quality technique comes from the style and attainment of persistently pursuing noble life. The sculptors sculpture the figures with their implication imprinted. Aubolex adopts rare timber, NEVADA hypoderm and precious 24K galvanized gold as manufacturing materials. Texture and touch feel of such materials are comparable to a sense of noble and graceful quality like Steinway piano. Exquisite finish is available for the world class watch box. Aubolex is competent enough to match any of stunning famous watches and embody its precious value.

A great item is always matched with another fitting. Similarly, famous watch box requires a model watch. Aubolex’s respect is reflected in the watch cores. To select Aubolex will furnish famous watches with a sense of comfort and attachment!

As a watch winder to take the lead in the world top watch collection techniques, Aubolex will bring you a more fashionable luxury experience. The watch decoration can treasure up your identification, improve the elegant value and seize an extraordinary honor for each famous watch collector.

Brand core value:
A sense of fashion respect

Brand positioning: 
Numen for haute horlogerie

Brand power: 
A numen to respect living atmosphere 

Brand slogan: 
Heritage the excellence excel the movement

Value proposition: 
Interaction between technology and watch, harmony between art and life

Brand individuality: 
Nobleness, calmness, love, goodness, low key and elegance

Brand culture: 
Fashion will be more respected by personal life by combining European aristocratic life manner and Chinese Confucian scholars. You may experience loving care in consumption.

Brand commitment: 
1. Rationality: A harmonious carrier among technology, famous watches and people
2. Perception: Share aristocratic deluxe experience and care others more

Aubolex’s Connotation: 
Inherit the model and be valued for sincerity!
Aubolex’s external part emits lordliness while its internal part implies aristocratic connotation. From the core (physical engineering) to the heart (brand esthetics), it is a perfect numen to respect life.
To hide luxury inside, keep care in mind, remain low-key and showcase elegant style conforms to the advertising regulations in Mainland China. At the same time, it can avoid excessive publicity and luxury, filling with more considerateness and cares. 

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