Brand Story

Aubolex originated from Switzerland--the kingdom of world famous watches. It is the best numen for top watches and precious jewelry to show luxury and glamour. As one of the most important items collected by European royal gentry, Aubolex’s value is far more than a simple watch winder. Aubolex adopts rare timber, NEVADA hypoderm and precious 24K galvanized gold as manufacturing materials. Texture and touch feel of such materials are comparable to a sense of noble and graceful quality like Steinway piano. It is integrated with the modern technology, becoming an indispensable device for many famous watch fanciers and collectors. Its physical appearance and outstanding techniques acclaim as the peak of perfection, which facilitates its hot sales throughout the world.

Aubolex inherits the spirit of Michael • Arider, the brand founder: Keep pursuing excellence and create excellent craftworks inherited by the royalty. Besides a great watch winder, Aubolex is a hi-tech craftwork representing deluxe enjoyment and aristocratic style. It is not only one of noble collections that pursue top living level but also an eternal embodiment to keep noble and witness love care. It is the best choice for you to protect and increase your watch value.

In 1879, Michael • Arider, the founder of Aubolex, was born near Biel Lake, Switzerland, where it is a world known wine production place and the hometown of famous watches. Biel (or Bienne), a bilingual city, is known as a center of Swiss watches. Over there, you may enjoy the bright and clean environment, mild climate, green grassland and vineyard. The land raises and characterizes the local people. The picturesque and attractive environment is always enlightening and influencing the locals. Michael • Arider’s father was a famous physicist out there and his mother was an esthetics art designer. Sound family education had deeply infused him a powerful art pursuit impetus and a foundation of physical esthetics.

With a natural born curiosity and devotion and since his childhood, Michael • Arider had indulged and enjoy himself in decomposing any new objects at hand. He was spoony over disassembly and assembly, installation and reconstruction, physical structure and functional esthetics. All of these attributed to his father’s potential influence. To explore new things and find their secrets is a nature of all kids, but few of them can persist and practice what they preach throughout lifetime. However, Michael • Arider just made it.

After entering Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Michael • Arider focused himself on craftwork esthetics with great passion. To gear the study to practical use, he worked for branded watch factory after graduation based on his interest and choice. After hard work, he became a famous watch engineer.

His rich working experience  played an important role in his extraordinary achievements. With a spirit of pursuing excellence and devotion, Michael • Arider had gradually formed his unique design concept. With the help of valued and outstanding technology, he became one of several senior watch manufacturers, winning a rather high reputation in Swiss watch industry.

With the rapid development of Swiss watch industry, R&D of world top watches had rendered Swiss watch a technique value that was comparable to precious jewelry. The Swiss watches were then collected by aristocrats and high officials as important and rare items for social gift and giff-gaff.

After possessing a number of famous watches or precious jewelries, the aristocrats had met a difficulty in watch storage and display. They did not only hope that each watch could work as well as before as times went by but also wanted a storage item which could both hold their watches and other precious collections to be displayed to their relatives and friends anytime. This had been a headache at that time. A huge watch packaging market was produced, but the watch boxes failed to satisfy so many expectations from aristocrats at one time. This was smartly found by Michael • Arider, then he began his research and experiment. Finally, the aristocrats’ expectations had been accomplished by him through adopting rare timber, NEVADA hypoderm and precious 24K galvanized gold as manufacturing materials and combining the esthetic view of physical techniques and outstanding manufacturing technology. As a result, he introduced the watch winder to the luxury craftwork industry, enjoying a reputation among aristocrats.

The most expensive watches were all mechanical ones. However, the watch core would stop if it was out of chain for a long time. After the mechanical watch stopped for a certain period, it would be rather troublesome to calibrate it. It would take at least half a year to calibrate the top mechanical watch with moon phase and perpetual calendar in original factory. To avoid the trouble, “watch winder” was invented. To keep the watch on the winder could avoid its movement stop and the grease stains caused by spring. (Grease was used as a lubricant for all mechanical watches to reduce the friction among the core fittings. In the process of movement, the watch grease would be distributed smoothly and evenly on every part of the core. If the watch stopped, the grease would deposit and its distribution would be not even. When the watch began to move next time, some parts of the watch would not have lubricant, which would not only affect and hour hand punctuality but also shorten the watch service life.) Michael•Arider further improved this device to increase its esthetic value and technological content and add endless fun for the royal aristocrats when removing their trouble in storing the watch. With outstanding techniques, he lifted the watch winder to a position at the same level or even higher level as the famous watch. Thus, the watch winder entered the luxury craftwork industry.

With greater reputation, Michael•Arider had more and more communication and cooperation with the aristocratic circle. For years, Michael•Arider had further and thorough recognition and research on watch and jewelry. He enhanced the maximal value of tradition watch winder, and after repeatedly improvement and betterment, he designed a series of beautiful and practical craftworks with extraordinary tastes. Watch winder by Michael•Arider was multifunctional in storing and displaying the watch or jewelry. Most importantly, it could make the top watches inside remain the same function as before.

To win more respects and honors and perform the talent and ambition, Michael•Arider invested and established his own factory named “Arider – Watch Company” in Biel, Switzerland in 1922. 
He wished to create luxury watch winder exclusively for more aristocrats, which finally generated the world known brand—“Aubolex”.

In Europe, aristocrats were wild about equipping the famous watches with beautiful winder box. However, it is not an easy thing to find a watch box which has a unique value and matches with the collected precious jewelry or watches. A well-designed watch box is almost as difficult as a famous watch to be found. At that time, even the noblest earls had to make an order ten months earlier if they wanted their desired Aubolex watch box. Because of its special value, demand for Aubolex watch boxes exceeded supply. 
Aubolex’s design technique was so unique and attractive that it had been well received among European aristocrats. Quite a few earls favored it a lot, and even some of Aubolex watches were placed at conspicuous position of royal palace for aristocrats’ appreciation and appraisal. This was an honor that was difficult to be achieved by the same traders.

As the Swiss watches are spreading, Aubolex is, as the best craftwork for famous watches and jewelry, well-received. It has inherited the outstanding technology and the devotion spirit from Michael•Arider. Aubolex is gradually becoming famous and follows closely after the world famous watches. It is so popular in the world that supply falls shout of demand. Aubolex can be found in the collections of aristocrats from Germany, Italy, and Austria etc. It is quite favored by the collectors, becoming another benchmark to measure the value of famous watch collection.

The royalty attaches important to the lineage while aristocrats follow tradition. Quality technique comes from the style and attainment of persistently pursuing noble life. The sculptors sculpture the figures with their implication imprinted. Exquisite finish is available for the world class watch box. Aubolex is competent enough to match any of stunning famous watches and embody its precious value. A great item is always matched with another fitting. Similarly, famous watch box requires a model watch. Aubolex’s respect is reflected in the watch cores. To select Aubolex will furnish famous watches with a sense of comfort and attachment!

With China’ opening up and emerging into the world stage, more Swiss watches swarm into the classes in China. Aubolex has followed the trend and won the Asian market including China.
In addition to inheriting the European aristocratic temperament, Aubolex keeps optimizing and improving the functions by combining modern technology. When approaching Asia, it remains absorbing the eastern cultures, especially the Chinese culture. Nowadays, it has combined the advantages of eastern culture and western culture. Aubolex watch winder, a luxury craftwork with royal elegance and modern hi-tech elements, has grandly landed Chinese market. It will truly care for your famous watches and treasure up every collection. It will protect your favorite watches, make them work well and remain as splendid as before. It will meet the collectors’ requirements on their favorite watches.

As a watch winder to take the lead in the world top watch collection techniques, Aubolex will bring you a more fashionable luxury experience. It will let your favorite watch share a royal reception. The watch decoration can treasure up your identification, improve the elegant value and seize an extraordinary honor for each famous watch collector.