Nowadays the most precious watch is mechanical watch which, however, would stop working if is not winded up for a long time. It is troublesome to check the time after the mechanical watch has stopped for a while. It takes at least half a year to send the top level mechanical wrist watch with a moon dial or a calendar to original production factories for calibration. To avoid this, people invented the machine “watch Winder”. Storing the wrist watch in the watch chain device can not only prevent it from stopping, but also avoid oil produced by spring (all mechanical watches use watch oil as the lubricant to reduce the friction between components in the module). In the movement of the watch, watch oil would be rubbed smoothly and evenly upon each corner of the module. When the watch stops, the oil would deposit and its distribution is not even. When the watch moves the next time, there is no lubricant at some places, which not only influences the accuracy of the watch but also its life.